Review: The Still Point of the Turning World, Emily Rapp


To read Emily Rapp’s memoir The Still Point of the Turning World is to have that life river that you’re navigating—an eddy here, a riffle there—go all Niagara on your ass. You’re in a barrel with Rapp, the mother of a child—Ronan—who’s just been diagnosed with Tay-Sachs disease (100% terminal), plummeting over the precipice. Then you’re in the plunge pool, churning, roiling, wondering vaguely which way is up, or if there is a way up, to the surface. Rapp has brought you here, but now that you’re weeping underwater and she’s slapping you around a bit for being so inexcusably feeble, you aren’t sure she’ll show you any mercy. And, really, who can blame her, a mother with a dying baby to deal with, a writer who is writing to save herself, if she won’t spare you….

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